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Menz Mega Gift Box

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Gift box includes:

  • Menz FruChocs Milk 650g
  • Bumbles Choc Honeycomb 525g
  • Menz FruChocs Triple Treats 350g
  • Menz FruChocs Milk 150g
  • Menz FruChocs Mango Flavour 150g
  • Menz FruChocs White Chocs Raspberry 135g
  • Menz JeliChocs Raspberry 150g
  • Menz Bumbles Dark Choc Honeycomb 150g
  • Menz Bumbles Caramel Choc Honeycomb 150g
  • Menz Crown Mints 200g
  • Menz Crown Musks 200g
  • Menz PeanutChocs 150g
  • Menz Fruit & Nut Chocs 150g
  • Menz SultanaChocs 150g
  • Menz FruChocs Dark 150g
  • Menz Choccy Snakes 130g
  • Menz Choccy Froggies 130g
  • Menz JeliChocs Turkish Delight 150g
  • Robern Apricot Indulgence 200g
  • Robern Apricot Coconut Balls 200g
  • Australia's Violet Crumble 30g


  • The Menz FruChocs Shop

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