Chef's Bio

Leigh SextonA self proclaimed foodie and talented home cook, Leigh Sexton's endless passion for food took her to new heights when she was crowned winner of My Kitchen Rules in 2012.

Born and raised in country NSW on her grandparent's farm, it was Leigh's Nan that passed on old fashioned baking and cooking techniques, using seasonal farm produce and teaching her the importance of where food comes from. "My Nan taught me how to cook the old way - how to make butter, and then turn that butter into beautiful sweets and pastries, using all the freshest ingredients grown on the farm"

From a very young age, Leigh became increasingly curious about other food cultures and began experimenting with different produce, herbs and spices to create fabulous dishes for her family from all over the world. "There wasn't a family Christmas or function that went by where I wasn't the host. I'd be cooking for days, so that I could share my love for food with my loved ones."

Since being crowned winner of My Kitchen Rules in 2012, Leigh's passion for cooking has seen her career blossom, with regular appearances at various Food and Wine Festivals, Westfield cooking demonstrations, as well as many of her recipes being printed in Woman's Day, New Idea, Taste, The Advertiser and The Vine publications.

“Robern Menz products and particularly Menz Fruchocs are designed to be shared and as chef I believe food is for sharing. I also believe finding quality time to spend together is increasingly difficult, so spending it creating something delicious in the kitchen is truly special. I encourage everyone to give Robern Menz recipes a go."