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Fidget Spinner

The totally addictive craze of 2017. Hours of fun as...

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FruChocs Emmalines Biscuits 350g

A rich fudge biscuit filled with delicious FruChocs, these truly...

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FruChocs with Coconut

Fruit centres rolled in coconut and smothered in delicious milk...

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Menz Dark Choc Honeycomb

Crumbly honeycomb in a rich dark chocolatey coating.

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Menz Mango JeliChocs

Mango jelly smothered in sumptuous milk chocolate

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Menz RainbowGem

Menz chocolate disc covered in 100's & 1000's.

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Robern Apricot Logs

Apricot centred logs covered in cocont. Perfect for a snack.

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