The Menz brand has been synonymous with quality confectionery since 1850, with our name not only known throughout Australia but increasingly in the international market.

Using only the finest quality ingredients, Menz products are highly sought after, and the range has grown from the famous original Menz FruChocs (Awarded Icon status in South Australia by the National Trust in 2005)  and Menz Crown Mints to incorporate a collection of indulgent and exotic treats.

We strive constantly to develop new and innovative temptations, while remaining true to our core values. For those who’ve not yet experienced the Menz classics, Menz FruChocs are luscious apricot and peach centres smothered in delicious milk, white or dark chocolate; Menz Crown Mints are crisp mints available in peppermint and spearmint flavours. Fast catching up in popularity is the Menz Choc Honeycomb range, so appealing that it is now available across Australia in all major supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Foodland) in order to meet demand. In addition to this trifecta of chocolatey delights, Menz also produces the irresistible RaspberryChocs, PineappleChocs and Turkish Delight along with a delectable range of chocolate-covered products, including Menz Chocolate Peanuts, Menz Chocolate Sultanas and the crowd-pleasing Menz Choccy Snakes, to name just a few of our scrumptious offerings.

Feeling peckish? Head to our online store – make sure you get enough, as they’re sure to be fought over.