Given the size of the company, we receive an overwhelming number of requests for product donations, far more than we can possibly provide.

While our budget is focused on supporting local community programs, we are happy to consider requests for smaller product donations.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your donation request to be assessed and a response will be sent to you once it has been evaluated.

Please ensure your request addresses the criteria indicated below:

Donation Request Details

  • Brief description of your organisation
  • Contact Person (Name, address, phone, email)

Product Request Details

  • Which product you would like
  • How the donation will be used
  • Quantity
  • Number of attendants/expected attendants
  • Date required

Donation Requests should be sent on your organisation's letterhead to:

Robern Menz
Robern Menz (Mfg) Pty Ltd
PO BOX 460

FAX: (08) 8365 4766